Residential Loans

A new way for Australians

Glass Financial delivers a transparent lending process, including market-leading technology that keeps you up to date with the progress of your application. Our brokers are passionate about helping you see through the banks, educating you on the benefits and drawbacks of various loan structures and options. Glass gives you the confidence to know that you are applying for the right loan for your personal goals and circumstances.


Owner occupier

Your home is likely to be your largest asset, and can also be your largest vehicle for building wealth. Glass can help you identify the right loan, considering the right features and rates to suit your situation. Our specialist advisors have access to hundreds of loan products and will guide you through every step of the process, all with the assistance of the market-leading Glass technology platform that keeps you up to date.

Property Investors

Glass works with property investors who hold one property up to those who hold a complete portfolio. Our specialist brokers can help you access the most effective loan for your situation. We can help you refinance to a more effective structure, work with your accountant to help ensure the tax effectiveness of your investment, and partner with you as you build your wealth through property. Speak to a Glass advisor on 1300 245 277 or contact us here.

First home buyer

Glass understands the complexity of buying a first home, and the uncertainty that many people feel when investigating their mortgage options. That’s why our advisors and our technology platform all work with you in mind. We take the mystery out of mortgages and help you see through the banks, so you’re choosing the right mortgage for your immediate needs but also with a view to the future. That means helping you understand offset accounts, the implications of break costs, establishment fees, introductory rates, and fixed versus variable options. When you’re ready to find out more, give us a call on 1300 245 277, or contact us online here.


Home loan terms are generally 25-30 years, but if you never refinance during this period, chances are you’re not getting the best deal. Glass experts can provide you with an honest assessment of your current loan’s competitiveness when compared to a broad range of others offerings potentially available to you. You may decide to refinance based on interest rate changes or a change in your circumstances, such as borrowing against the equity in your home to do renovations, or moving to a single income after having kids. Whatever your reason for considering refinancing your mortgage, you can trust Glass to help you see through the banks and guide you towards the best option for your circumstances. Contact us on 1300 245 277 or contact us here.

Home Affordability Specialists

Property prices in Australian capital cities – and regional areas – have made home affordability a major talking point for the last several years. Whilst those already in the market might have enjoyed significant capital growth, the downside is that many people are unable to purchase a home in the city or town they wish to live in. At Glass Financial, we’ve made it part of our mission to help with home affordability by delivering unique financial products that genuinely help people get into their first home. There are no hidden tricks or catches – it’s just about thinking smarter with how we can structure deals for those who qualify.   To find out more about how we might be able to help you, or someone you know, afford a first home, call Glass on 1300 245 277 or contact us here.

Why use a mortgage broker?

While banks only sell their own products, Glass Financial’s specialist advisors have access to hundreds of different products from a range of major banks as well as non-bank lenders. So rather than banks trying to fit you into a loan that suits them, you can trust a Glass broker to help identify the loans that best suit you.

What makes Glass brokers different?

Your specialist Glass mortgage advisor will be proactive, following up regularly and coaching you through the process – as well as cracking the whip on banks and lenders if they’re falling behind in their processing!

They are all focused on the Glass mission to offer Transparency in Lending, helping you see through the banks and make more empowered decisions.

Regular peer review ensures they’re writing the best deals for their clients, and always putting the clients’ interests first.

The entire Glass team is subject to regular feedback processes, ensuring they work harder for your five-star rating.