Commercial Funding

Connected Experts in Commercial Lending

Glass Financial covers a wide range of finance products, but we have a team of specialist advisors for writing commercial deals. Their track record of success throughout their careers is your assurance that you’re dealing with an expert who understands what it takes to structure the right deal in the right way – and to do so in a responsive and timely manner.

Loans up to $50 million

Glass advisors can work with you to select and structure the right deal from a wide range of lenders. Their expertise and commitment to our promise of Transparency in Lending ensures that you’ll be provided with quality service, and will be dealing with someone who understands the vital importance of the right advice and loan structure for commercial developments.

If you are looking for proactive partners to assist with your commercial funding, we invite you to give us a call on 1300 245 277 or send us a note here.

Loans $50 million plus

In addition to existing products from banks and non-bank lenders, Glass has access to alternate funding to provide more flexibility and to structure unique products to suit client’s individual needs.

If you are looking for commercial funding, or would just like to begin a conversation, we invite you to contact us on 1300 245 277 or send us a note here.

Specialists in Construction Finance and Commercial Development Finance

We Walk the Talk.

We have specialists with real industry experience. Many brokers claim they can write commercial loans. While they might technically have access to commercial finance, there’s a world of difference when you deal with genuine experts in the space. Glass offers the expertise you need.




We have Access to Unique Product.

We have a wide range of bank and non-bank lenders. One of the reasons we’re able to secure funding so successfully is that we have access to products that others don’t. Our close working relationship with various non-bank lenders also means we can structure a deal specifically to suit you.



We Deliver on our Promises.

Our service is based on genuine partnership. Responsiveness, thoroughness, and transparency – we understand that these ‘basics’ can often make a significant difference in how (or even if) commercial deals get done in the first place. We also partner with you for the long-haul, to assist with restructuring, new deals, or refinancing – because we know critical it is to be able to rely on your finance partners.