Asset Finance


Explore a wide range of options

The best type of finance is the one that most suits your particular business.

Why Glass is Different

Whether you’re looking for finance to facilitate your next stage of growth, achieve simplification, or wanting to free up cash-flow, our brokers are experienced business people who will take the time to understand your business. They can then assist with selecting the best asset finance from available options, or develop a bespoke product to suit more complex requirements. Our asset finance products include:


Equipment Leasing

Chattel Mortgages

Managed Services

Leverage Cashflow

Expertise makes all the difference. Our specialist business brokers have backgrounds ranging from small business to corporate, meaning they can typically look beyond the basic figures to get a true understanding of your business. With this knowledge, they’re better able to assess risk and determine the right loan structure for your unique circumstances.

Conserve Capital

Our business is here to serve yours. The problem with banks is that business borrowing customers are often treated with suspicion. With Glass brokers, however, you are treated as valued clients. We deal with banks and other lenders on your behalf, navigating you through the process so you can focus on your core business activity.


Enjoy Transparency

We know that timing matters. Glass brokers are responsive and proactive and will work to get your deal written in as little time as possible. They will follow up with you when needed, and apply pressure to the lenders to avoid any hold-ups at their end. It’s basic, but highly important – and the transparent feedback system means your broker is scored on their responsiveness.