It’s never too late to start back at the beginning


Meet Sarah, our broker; career changer at 40.

Before her career change to finance broking, Sarah had been in the media industry for 15 years. She ran her business, supplying publications with celebrity images from around the world. After reaching the peak of her media career, she wanted a new challenge, while still having flexibility to take care and raise her 9 year-old son. Read her story as she started an entirely new career at the age of 40.

“I ended up deciding to do my diploma in finance, and after two years of being mentored, I finally became an Accredited Finance Broker. I came to realize how much of a learning curve this experience has been for me.

I love the flexibility I have working as a finance broker, as well as being able to work for myself. I get to manage my own schedule to be able to spend precious time with my son, as well as still working on my media job on the side.

Aside from that, I found this career path to be very gratifying. I did not think that it would be so rewarding to tell my clients “yes, you can buy the house you have dreamed of”, or other times, get them out of financial stress.

The contentment I get from helping my clients and making them happy keeps me very motivated. Now more than ever, I am pushing myself harder than I have before with work.Sarah Quinn

So, this is it. This is the story to give you that push if you’ve been on the fence about starting your new journey. I was brave enough to start something completely new at the age of 40, even after I’ve been pursuing my business in the media industry for 15 years. Granted, it was not easy, but I kept pushing and now am very proud to do what I do. I successfully did it, and I hope sharing my story gives you the courage to.”

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