Career Changers: I made it!


Meet Neha, our newest broker on board, about to sign her first deal.

After being part of the corporate culture, over 10 years and two kids later, Neha felt that it all became too much to juggle. With her husband having a demanding role as well, her full-time corporate role is no longer suitable for a balance with her family.

“Having my own mortgage broking consulting felt like a great step in that direction.

First of all, I have a Mathematics background, so coming together of numbers, and crunching numbers to fit my client’s needs really excites me! To be able to help clients buy a home they have dreamed of, for instance, also feels very rewarding. Furthermore, I feel that I have more control over bringing more balance between career and family.

It is a career change and with that come new challenges, but it is rewarding nonetheless.”

Since joining Glass last year, Neha has completed her studies and mentoring late last year, and have started as an accredited broker in 2019. She is very passionate about creating informed customers, always seeking the best options for them, and build their confidence in their decisions.

We offer the warmest welcome to Neha, to the Glass family!

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