An open letter to working mothers


Meet Alisia, our finance broker; a full-time mother.

Being a mother in the workforce comes with serious costs. Your options become limited, priorities changed, and compromises have to be made. Three years ago, Alisia’s family grew and she started to feel the pressure of being a working mother. Read her story as she took on a career change that transformed ‘work’ for her.

“With the arrival of my second daughter, comes big changes. At this point, I had been working in the financial planning industry for almost 8 years. The long work hours had suddenly become too hectic and travelling to the office every day can no longer work for me. My husband and I also see the importance to prioritize our family at our daughters’ young age.

Ultimately, I took a career break and an extended maternity leave. Being away from work made me think about my career and my concern to grow it still, even as a mother.

One day, I came into a meeting with my finance broker to review my finances. During the meeting, he introduced me to an opportunity for a finance broking career and the work flexibility of a finance broker. He advised me to consider taking on a broking career.

I took his advice and decided to give it a good go. Now that I am a ‘full-time’ finance broker, I can easily manage shifts between work and my family. I mostly work from home now, therefore I no longer have to do 7am day care drop-offs or before school care drop-offs every day before work, as now I can work around my daughters’ school times. This working time flexibility has also allowed me to take my children out for their after-school activities e.g. swimming and ballet classes. I can arrange to meet with clients during the downtime or around my husband’s schedule, so we do not spend more time away from our daughters. During school holidays, I have the option to work from home or even take my daughters to the office when I need to.

I have never looked back at this career change. Being a finance broker has allowed me to organize my work hours around family schedule. I can be a stay-at-home mother while still having the opportunity to grow my career.”

Now Alisia has become one of our successful brokers with a growing number of clients. Over the years, she continues to assist her clients in securing new mortgages and restructuring finances, in achieving their long-term wealth accumulation plans.

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