See through the banks

Australians want more transparency from the companies they deal with – especially when it comes to managing their finances. Glass was born out from this very concept. We are here to deliver genuine transparency in lending to Australian consumers and business owners.

Whether you’re a looking to purchase residential property, grow your business, or are seeking commercial funding, we believe Glass can offer a truly refreshing experience.

A New Level of Transparency 1. A New Level of Transparency
We help you see through the banks, giving you the advantage

Want to know which banks tend to pass on interest rate rises first? Which banks typically pass on interest rate cuts last? Glass scores the major banks on this basic fairness test. We aren’t owned by a bank or any other financial institution, which means you can have confidence in our independent and transparent advice. We’re on your side, explaining to you all the benefits, drawbacks, and potential hazards of the banks’ various loan products.

An Easy-To-Use Platform 2. An Easy-To-Use Platform
We provide a platform which gives you transparency throughout the loan process

You’ll always know where your application is up to with the Glass app and with your personal Glass broker. With a combination of smart technology and personal service from a specialist broker, applying for a loan is a seamless experience. Our technology encourages open and honest feedback, meaning our brokers work harder for your five-star rating.

Trustworthy Advice 3. Access Trustworthy Advice
We navigate you through your options with personalised support and advice

We offer visibility over the many different types of loan products available, and explain the details you need at every step. We help you understand and avoid the traps of inflated loan fees and hidden costs, so you can make smarter decisions. With personal service, you don’t have to deal with the headaches of bank branches and call centres.

Tailored to Suit You 4. Tailored to Suit You
We help you identify the right solution based on your needs and goals

By understanding your requirements and financial goals, we also find the best overall loan for you (in addition to interest rate considerations). We work hard to negotiate the best interest rate so you save thousands of dollars over the term of your loan. You have variety to choose from, as we offer loans from all the major banks as well as various other established providers.

Support for the long haul 5. Support for the Long Haul
We partner with you for the life of your loan, proactively looking out for your best interests

Your initial loan application is just the beginning of the mortgage journey. We’re here to help for the long term. As your circumstances change, we will advise you on whether you’re able to access a better loan or are in a position to renegotiate your current one. As rates change, we take the opportunity to review your loan and will let you know if you’re likely to be able to get a better deal.


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We talk the talk 1. We Walk the Talk.
We have specialists with real industry experience.

Many brokers claim they can write commercial loans. While they might technically have access to commercial finance, there’s a world of difference when you deal with genuine experts in the space. Glass offers the expertise you need.

We have access to unique product 2. We have Access to Unique Product.
We have a wide range of bank and non-bank lenders

One of the reasons we’re able to secure funding so successfully is that we have access to products that others don’t. Our close working relationship with various non-bank lenders also means we can structure a deal specifically to suit you.

We deliver on our promises 3. We Deliver on our Promises.
Our service is based on genuine partnership

Responsiveness, thoroughness, and transparency – we understand that these ‘basics’ can often make a significant difference in how (or even if) commercial deals get done in the first place. We also partner with you for the long-haul, to assist with restructuring, new deals, or refinancing – because we know critical it is to be able to rely on your finance partners.

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We understand business 1. We Understand Business
Expertise makes all the difference

Our specialist business brokers have backgrounds ranging from small business to corporate, meaning they can typically look beyond the basic figures to get a true understanding of your business. With this knowledge, they’re better able to assess risk and determine the right loan structure for your unique circumstances.

We partner with you 2. We Partner with You
Our business is here to serve yours

The problem with banks is that business borrowing customers are often treated with suspicion. With Glass brokers, however, you are treated as valued clients. We deal with banks and other lenders on your behalf, navigating you through the process so you can focus on your core business activity.

We act quickly 3. We Act Quickly
We know that timing matters

Glass brokers are responsive and proactive and will work to get your deal written in as little time as possible. They will follow up with you when needed, and apply pressure to the lenders to avoid any hold-ups at their end. It’s basic, but highly important – and the transparent feedback system means your broker is scored on their responsiveness.


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