In Pursuit of Transparency

Glass was built to deliver on the core promise of ‘Transparency in Lending’. In our company blog, we provide you with insights into who we are and why we do what we do, as well as what’s happening in our company and the industry.


Consumers need transparency not lies

After yet another day of reading uninformed articles from journalists and columnists, it makes me wonder about who actually reads what they are submitting to the market and where they get their information from. It clearly reads as if they have just made assumptions… unusual? Unfortunately not.

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Welcome to Glass

Welcome to Glass

Welcome to Glass Financial – an innovative finance brokerage combining market leading technology with the best of traditional brokerage to provide you with a seamless way to get the right finance solution for your needs. The world is changing and so is the lending...

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Jamie’s Testimonial

Last week, I wanted to look at refinancing and my real estate agent referred me to Sarah Quinn, one of the Glass Financial brokers. Thanks to her, I saved $520 a month on my loan repayments. Sarah did a fantastic job in refinancing my current loan at a much lower...

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Lie Xing’s Testimonial

I was taking a loan from a bank and the loan evaluation was the same to the purchase price of her house when I expected the price to increase. I came to Surjani Tanuwidjaja, one of the Glass financial brokers to explain about my situation and she helped me to find a...

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