As we come into a New Year and many of us are keeping to our New Year’s resolutions regarding our health, wealth and family, it is probably also a great time to consider what helps us generate our wealth. What relationships are critical to improving our wealth and who are the key stakeholders?

After being in banking for many years and now running a successful brokerage, a lot of clients we meet ask the question surrounding what we do differently than a bank or banker. While many people talk about service, which is highly important, or options which are equally important, I think the main point is providing a valued relationship.

Many clients have had frustrating relationships with banks and also bankers- the old adage that the good bankers get promoted while the bad ones get moved and typically find work with a competitor.

For me it prompts the question, how do we measure the value in the relationship? Some people look at revenue as a benchmark. While it is great to have a client that makes you money, I often look at it from the client’s perspective.  One could ask what has my banker or broker done to add value recently? What is the value? Is it a birthday card or a bottle of wine for someone who doesn’t drink, or is it purely having a two way relationship that is mutually beneficial for both parties that results in value which drives the revenue? If you have one, the other will come as long as you are adding value.

Is it time to consider what value your bank or banker has provided recently? How many bankers have changed in the last twelve months when they contacted you to review your rate instead of looking at increasing your margins?

Finally, how do you as a client value the relationship?

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