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Why Glass is Different

Whether you’re looking for finance to facilitate your next stage of growth, achieve simplification, or wanting to free up cash-flow, our brokers are experienced business people who will take the time to understand your business. They can then assist with selecting the best asset finance from available options, or develop a bespoke product to suit more complex requirements.

Our asset finance products include:

Equipment Leasing
Chattel Mortgages
Managed Services
Leverage Cashflow 1. Leverage Cashflow
As the saying goes, ‘Cash is king’ – just don’t let it rule you

Regardless of the scale of operations, cash-flow is important to all businesses. For many, it’s a constant tension between growth and cash – which means your business can be held back from reaching its full potential. Selecting the right asset finance solution, with the guidance of a Glass Asset Finance advisor, can enable you to focus on taking hold of the opportunities before you with both hands.

Conserve Capital 2. Conserve Capital
If you’re looking to grow, it often makes sense to use others’ money

Businesses with a good trading history can conserve capital by using the right finance solution to assist with growth. This allows existing capital to be held for greater expansion, drawn out of the business, or reinvested elsewhere. With your Glass Asset Finance advisor helping you indentify the most competitive products available, you are empowered to grow your business to the next level. 

Enjoy Transparency 3. Enjoy Transparency
The right finance product is crucial, but service can make the difference

There is a wide range of asset finance options available to Australian businesses. However, finding a broker who has the expertise of a Glass Asset Finance advisor to navigate these can be difficult. That’s why we set ourselves apart with our direct training and genuine pursuit of the absolute best deal for our clients – all based on a thorough understanding of what they need from their asset finance.

You can read more about the Glass Story and Values here.

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